It is a Sunday, my parents are still in town, however, my mother decided to relax at the hotel while my dad, my son and I took a day trip to Vung Tau. The roads have improved, it took us 2 1/2 hours by car, average speed of 48 km/hr to reach Vung Tau, 120 km away. Still slow compared to the speedboat with an average of 1 hour 15 minutes travel time.

Station No 1 at Buffalo Island.

We drive straight to Station No 1, Buffalo Island. Park the car and board the cable car service. We are going to Big Mountain, 249 meters above the sea to visit Cloud Lake and say hello to Miss Vung Tau before undertaking the highlight of the trip, the Alpine Coaster. Racing downhill on Big Mountains slopes before being pulled back up again is great. Each trip gets done faster than the previous one. 30,000 VND or $2 per ride, but the joy is priceless.

It is cooler up here, more wind and you don’t feel the heat as much as you do at the beach. As all good things come to an end, we ride down for a late lunch, thereby extending the good life by enjoying Italian food, before starting the journey back.

Truly a great day out, enjoy the images:

Rearview. Leaving Station No 1 behind by the sea.

Arriving at Station No 2, Cloud Lake.

Panorama view from Cloud Lake restaurant.

Detail view.

Arriving at Cloud Lake, viewing the footbridge with a waterfall behind.

Behind the veil of water. Walking on a slippery footpath behind the waterfall.

Over view from Cloud Lake, with a 30 meter tall Buddha in the distance.

Closer view of the tall Buddha, no shoes allowed on the ground in front.

One of the statues by the footpath leading up to the Buddha.

Time to meet Miss Vung Tau at her stable.

Wheelbarrows left out to dry in the sun by the stables.

The Alpine Coaster tracks on Big Mountains hillside.

Departure time.

Leaving Station No 2 and Cloud Lake.

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