Monkey I

On location deep inside the Mekong, we set up and photographed a storage room in a small village. It was the main distribution centre in the area. In between shots as my assistants moved lights, I saw something next door. At first, I noticed the shafts of light coming in to what I believed was an empty storage room, however a small movement caught my attention.

A pet monkey was chained inside. I snapped a few shots before I got called at from outside and had to continue the assignment. A brief moment with a lasting impact. Assignment done, files delivered and I take a second look at the few frames I snapped. I edit them and start looking up animal websites and one article hits me, “The Perils of Keeping Monkeys as Pets”, where the author states that there is a 99.9 percent of creating a mentally disturbed animal if you try to keep them as pets.

“Primates are wild animals,” said Truitt of the Primate Rescue Center. “No amount of surgical mutilation, training, or beating will ever change that.”

Monkey II

Monkey III

Monkey IV


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