View from the Skydeck, Saigon Centre centred.

Family visit. Always a joy. This time I got to spend more time than last with them. It was good. We are all changing and getting older. I am a dad myself now. Almost halfway in life. How did that happen?

To the Skydeck we went. To get a view of the city. Going from the small to the big picture. The overview. Saigon can feel like a small town, especially within District 1, even though it keeps changing all the time. It’s in the culture. Even at the wedding party the bride will do four to five clothes changes in the evening. The groom will be getting hammered. The bride not, as she will do the tally afterwards, counting the monetary gifts.

Sunset from the Skydeck.

Change is constant. Change is a challenge. I have been up here before. I am seeing the same angles. I am looking for something that I have not seen before. Not counting the gift shop with the low quality garments and steep prices. Even the store across the street has a better garment for a third of the price. Not counting the wedding photography studio that has purchased a proper telescope and shows us the solar flares on a flat screen.

Sunset in black and white sepia tone.

Refusing to see the world for what it is I turn it upside down. My newfound angle.

The world upside down.

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