We had made it to Nha Trang. 14 hours on the road. Found a nice hotel to treat ourselves to a good night sleep before heading off the next day. Been informed that a potential client wanted to meet up in the morning since they have heard we would be up there. 8 am meeting at Diamond Bay Resort. The very place that hosted Miss Universe in 2008.

On the road and camera ready.

We had breakfast first. Then checked out. Collected the bike. Put our helmets on. Looked at each other and thought: “Are we really going to this again today?” Mind over body contest. Mind voted yes, buttocks screamed no. Mind won. First thing that got changed on the bike upon return was the suspension system.

Nha Trang signage.

We were on the road again. Passed the Nha Trang sign, Hollywood style inspired, but not when it came to size. We abstained from climbing and headed on for our meeting. Arrived on time. Got a tour of the vast premises. Size did indeed matter here. When you have a banquet hall capacity of 1200 people, you have sized up. Super-size.

Vintage car at Diamond Bay Resort.

Would love to have said we got a tour around in the vintage car, however, it is only for decoration. We took one of the battery powered carts, or rather mini buses, as they were super sized too.

View from the golf practice range.

If I played golf, this would be a place for me to practice my swing. Where else can you enjoy a beautiful view and try to get your ball into the different nets floating in the water, each with their own distance marker. Don’t feel guilty if you miss, they have the whole area covered and sweep up today’s catch of golfballs when you are back at the club house for an afternoon refreshment, before taking the super sized buggy back to your apartment or villa.

Continuing the road trip.

We got back on the road. Thought we could make it to Da Lat for lunch. But first we wanted to enjoy the seaside view from the road as we headed down the peninsula to find our road that would take us Da Lat.

Beautiful day, blue sky, sunshine and not a rain cloud in sight. We were happy and our buttocks so too by the smooth road conditions.

View from the road.

Riding uphill along the coastline.

We were riding uphill until we found a tourist viewing spot. Pulled over and parked. Getting off the bike took longer and longer for each stop as well as the stretching exercises. Here we were. Overlooking the sea.

At the view point.

Unfortunately, spending money on new road, proper parking area and an advertising billboard, somebody had decided that litter bins were not necessary. We were walking on litter. Shaking our heads. Spoiling a beautiful experience with bad habits. It is a nation wide problem. The more popular the road, the more litter you find next to it.

Stepping on litter.

Even the duster gave up...

Turning day into night helps ignoring the foreground.

Sitting behind, camera ready, I started photographing the road experience. Tried to record some video, only to find out that even when you set your camera to overflow when you have dual cards, only still shots are overflowing, not video. Good to know on a private trip and not on a paid assignment.

Watering the roadside.

Roadblock with an advertising message to call for road side assistance written on the tires.

Old style truck, still going strong.

We stopped again when we spotted a couple of fishing boats. Ventured down to the beach. Same issue. Litter.

Fishing boats.

A closer look.

Beach with litter.

Got our shots and kept going until we found a cemetery. By the roadside. Life and death. Side by side.


Closer view.

Different view.

Graveyard by the roadside.

Our last stop before embarking on the road to Da Lat, too late for lunch, however, we still were thinking late lunch would be possible. How wrong we would be. More to come in Part IV, the final post from the trip.



On the road to Da Lat.


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