Cover MADS Magazine issue 1

The idea for an arts magazine came at the end of 2017. April 2018, the first issue launched online. 1000 readers within the first month. By word of mouth alone.

The magazine is free to read online, take a look at it here.

There is also a printed version of the magazine available as print on demand here.

Cover MADS Magazine issue 1

Magazine d’Art De Saigon supports foremost artists living in Vietnam. Also, art projects related to Vietnam. Featuring fine art photography, illustration, painting and printmaking and other visual arts. Each issue features eight artists.

The first issue #1

01 Kelly Padgett

Photography means to me: Documenting time and space

When I frame the image: I’m looking for that brief instance where everything comes together.

A camera is: A memory box.


02 Jack Clayton

Printmaking means to me: Experimentation, using intuitive methods to achieve unique effects! I like the problem solving aspect of the printmaking process and also the expressive limitations and possibilities provided by the natural structure of the medium.

When I print: I like to allow freedom into my actions and experiment with unusual methods of carving or mark making. Bright colours and careful layering allow me to build the image step by step, constantly changing and evolving as I go.

A woodblock is: The start of a new image! Once I have seen the block I start to build a mental picture of the final image and can work from there.


03 Nathan Larson

Printmaking means to me: Going through a process, working from back to front and slowly building an image from shape to shape, colour to colour.

When I print: It’s like a game of chess. It’s a very methodical craft and you have to be aware of the moves ahead. Changing the steps in a process can change the outcome of the image.

A silk screen: Is a lot of fun.



04 Tuan Ngoc

Photography means to me: My life.

When I frame the image: I follow my instinct.

A camera is: A tool.



05 Diep

Lacquer painting means to me: The combination of patience and beauty of the material that comes from nature.

When I paint: The effect is always different each time, disappointment or an amazing surprise. That is why lacquer painting is never copied.

A brush is: Is anything I can use to create textures.


06 Yanneth Albornoz

Illustration means to me: My language, my other voice.

When I create: It is like transferring energy in other forms, see things happening… it is interesting.

A canvas is: The hard drive of my mind and my heart.

Painting means to me: It is that time of the year…

When I paint: It is un-easy at the beginning. In the end, I ask myself why I stopped in the first place.

A brush is: Not to be understood or tamed


07 The Anng

Illustration means to me: Writing everything I see through my eyes down on those white papers.

When I create: I try my best to make my work both realistic and unrealistic, logic and illogical, personal and general, defined and undefined, detailed and very detailed.

A canvas: Is not only a blank sheet to be fulfilled but also a channel to tell all stories deep down inside artists’ souls.


08 Luu Chau Minh


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MADS Magazine

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