The Golden Future - Copyright Mads Monsen, all rights reserved

Creative fine art projects are often slow, but rewarding when you make progress. After a long, hectic week with work, I did some more. However, it doesn’t feel like work when you are passionate about something. (Photography is my passion after all).

I took a break from working on client accounts and spent my Saturday morning editing an image from one of my side projects. It was fun. It keeps my skills up to date, which is very useful, as I usually work on innovation projects.

It features my wonderful wife who models for me in our “Ao Dai” series. An Ao Dai is the name of the traditional Vietnamese dress.

In this image, she is standing in front of Landmark 81, the tallest building in Vietnam and currently the 15th tallest building in the world. It is very much the symbol of the rapid change Vietnam has undertaken and its ambitions.

“The Golden Future” is the title. Vietnam is all about opportunities and progress and this image captures that.

I will have a limited edition print set available for those interested. Please contact for further details.

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