That’s what we did. Like a British fox hunting party we set out and chased something. That something cannot be easily explained. We had no dogs to help us. They were all at home, barking at any creature that entered the grounds. No use to us. Not that we were fox hunting anyway.

We were hunting for photographic opportunities. For that something peculiar that makes you stop and think “Hey, this is worthy of an exposure.”

While we were hunting, not only our bike drank its fill, often more than one tank a day, we also needed our coffee stops too. Our buttocks thanked us after spending hours in the saddle on our motorised horse.

Coffee break. Drip style.

All fuelled up, we hit the road again. The hunt was on.

Billboards are good targets. If they do not contain own work, then an old hand painted billboard will do very well. Especially detail shots. Ride, drink and shoot. Rinse and repeat.

Hand painted billboard.

Detail from billboard.

Next up, when we were crossing a bridge, we spotted a couple of boys riding a cart in the river below. The buffalo boys got captured by our cameras and we waved them goodbye and continued our journey.

The Buffalo Boys, montage.

It didn’t take us long to find ourselves another buffalo. Tied up, roadside to graze on the nearby grass and leaves. We pulled over and got camera ready. Couple of frames and a few poses later, the minder came over and untied the buffalo. Photo session over. We got on our bike again and watched in our extended side view mirrors that the buffalo was allowed out to graze again. Time for us to find new pastures.

Buffalo by the road.

Windmills. Rotating blades. Farm land. We pulled over. Locked the bike and ventured down the hill. Locking the steering makes it trickier for someone to push the bike away. On a previous road trip we had parked the bike and ventured around 100 meters away on foot when we spotted somebody riding past, then stopping and back tracking to our bike. Our photo session was immediately cut short and we started walking back. Upon seeing us returning, the man started walking back to his own bike and left. “What was his purpose?”, you may ask. Most likely to take any part that was easily removable so he could sell it.

It is normal to see cars missing windscreen wipers, side view mirrors, even ornaments as they can fetch a price. I had once somebody trying to unscrew the front disc brake on my motorbike. Others have had valuable belongings stolen from their trunks. The list goes on and on.

Windmill farm.


Flower, detail.

Bus going passed.

Our proud work horse, resting by the roadside.

Dinner time. Just as with lunch time, we found another pagoda. This time we had beautiful afternoon light and off we went again, camera in hand, to capture that something again. Pure bliss.

Text on wall by the entrance.

At the entrance.

Greeted by the first arrangement.

Close up.

The old bell.

The second arrangement.


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