It’s the time of year when we set ourselves personal goals, our New Year Resolutions. Few of them will last more than the first month. According to Business Insider, 80% will fail by the second week of February.

How can you avoid failing? Start on implementing only one new habit at the time. It takes over a month to establish a new habit. Once your habit becomes second nature, you can consider adding a new habit. Change takes time. It takes patience and it takes consistency. Make your resolution list and pick one to start with and keep at it.

A few years back, in 2013, I decided to take out a Kiva loan every month. Little did I know what difference that would make. End of 2017, and I have taken out 416 loans.

For 2018, I have two personal goals that I want to achieve for my self. They build on my daily morning walk exercise. I want to get back to the gym at least 3 times a week. The second one is mastering freestyle swimming.

Investing in your own health is the smartest thing you can do. My daily morning walks improved both focus and mood. 30 minutes well spent.

What is your personal goal for 2018?

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