In free fall

July was truly a roller coaster. Pulled two teeth. Definitely downwards. Going on an amazing road trip. Definitely up. Having a motorbike accident on a location shoot in Saigon. Ouch, that’s down. I went down. Got hit by another bike while I was turning. We were doing b-roll for a corporate movie, no stunts planned or intended. Moving from location to location by bike. Only one more location to go and I went down. Of course, this was also the day when I had accidentally put on flip flops instead of shoes.

Flip flops can be good for your feet when you live in a hot, tropical climate as you need to let your feet breathe. However, people familiar with the term Saigon kiss, will know that not all hot things in life are good for you. As I tipped over, video tripod and camera back pack pulling me to the ground, I managed to counter balance on one leg, ending up in a 45 degree position. My right leg was smooching the exhaust pipe as the other bike locked it down into a a very hot embrace.

The police came cruising by. Looked at the scene, then left. The guys that rammed me had already taken off as I was the one with damages and not them. So I stood there, getting an overview and made way for the seafood stall at the roadside. They were kind enough to give me a large chunk of ice. Refused my intention to pay for the ice. I applied it to the spot. The outer skin was burned. My shooting partner was kind enough to help arrange a bag with ice and with that applied to my heel, I set off on the bike. This time homewards to drop off the gear and head for the hospital.

It has taken over a month to get my foot back to normal. I can now walk again. Run again. Basically move normally again. Getting my good mood back. Second degree burn for sure. Documented. Turning something that I rather not experience again into something more visually interesting. Preserving memory in form of a still life photograph.

Skin deep beauty or fried flesh, I leave it to you to decide:

A study on black, still life of skin.

A study on black, still life of skin.

A study on black, still life of skin.

A study on black, still life of skin.

A study on black, still life of skin.

A study on white, still life of skin.

Thick skin indeed.

Rebuilding work in progress.

To heal a heel.

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