While I was setting up and photographing interiors at FV Hospital, I got approached by a man coming out from the maternity ward. He asked me for contact details, told me he just became a dad again, then, that he ran a school and I would hear from him later. Less than a minute. Fast forward a few months and I am sitting at his office and discussing the assignment.

The school needs images. That is what we know. That’s all we know. We agree on scouting all the locations. We do that. We make a plan. A shoot list. Modify and finalise the shoot list. Then put together a time table and assign the days we will actually come and shoot the whole production.

The pre-planning is an immense timesaver. We know what to do, what angles that we want to get and we have had time to think about how we are setting our lights for each setup. Yes, all the images below have been lit with external flash units.

Is it overcast outside, no problem, portable sun at hand. Photography to me is working with light. Shaping it the way I want it to be. To get what I want to get. That’s the technical side, the controllable side. Then comes the creative side. The eye that sees and frames. Yin and Yang. Balance of skills. Photography is a life long journey. Enjoy!

Horizon International Bi-Lingual School (HIBS) school yard on an overcast day.

Learning to write. First grade classroom at HIBS.

Interactive electronic teaching board. Blackboard got upgraded.

Computer lab. Design class.

At the chemistry lab.

Study time at library.



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