Anybody can conceive an idea, only a few realise them. That sums it all up.

Jamie and I have long talked about taking a road trip together, photographing what we would discover along the ride. This year, the celebration of Liberation Day and the First of May made it possible to set aside a day of motorbike riding and really “go with the flow.”

Monday (the first of May) we set out and about and the following images are from one of our many stops, Phu My bridge in District 7 (Phu My Hung).

Phu My bridge, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

However, before entered the bridge, we just had to stop and capture the two guards setting up the own small canteen underneath the bridge.

Guards having lunch under the bridge

The view itself from the top of the bridge. The Saigon river flowing below.

The view from Phu My bridge

Close up of the two boats seen in the above image.

Boats on Saigon river as seen from Phu My bridge

Of course, we needed to include an image of the bridge being used itself by one of the many trucks. According to Vietnam News, 30.000 trucks are passing through everyday and they believe the number will increase to 100.000 per day. The Phu My bridge is quite step, so modern trucks are needed, otherwise they will break down as the older ones do frequently on Saigon Bridge in District 2, causing long queues.

Overloaded trucks with old engines over a bridge often equals overheated engine. Once a vehicle breaks down, it is seldom removed and mechanics will arrive by motorbike to fix it on the spot. (It is worthy of a blog post itself.)

Truck on Phu My bridge

Back to the bridge, here are a few detail images…

Phu My bridge detail

Phu My bridge detail

Phu My bridge detail

… and the nearby scenery.

Nearby landscape

Nearby landscape

A road trip like this is good for the photographic soul, has to be undertaken more frequently, yay!

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