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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the time of year when we set ourselves personal goals, our New Year Resolutions. Few of them will last more than the first month. According to Business Insider, 80% will fail by the second week of February. How can…

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We’ve got Tee’s!

We have selected motifs from our recent exhibition “Fragments of Rediscovered Time” available. Head over to our web store and grab one too.   The one featured is my personal favourite, Mountain Soul. I wore it on the opening night….


The Power of Creating New Habits

Reading Daniel Kahneman “Thinking, Fast & Slow”, you realise your mind has an autopilot. Your autopilot consists of habits that you have built up. It doesn’t distinguish between good or bad habits, only habits.   It started with my wife…


5 unique souvenir gifts from Vietnam

Finding something different and unique is a challenge. Mass production, cheap materials and reused ideas you find everywhere. Living in Vietnam since 2000, I have seen the progress and changes to the country over the years. I still believe Vietnam…

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A visit to the park

Sunday morning. The mere words install expectations. A day off. All your worries evaporating as water droplets soaked up by the rising sun. Sundays are to be enjoyed. To recoup. To get out, and out we did go, to the…


The Saigon Zoo shoot out

Maissa contacted me some time ago. She hoped we could do a photo shoot together. I contacted a photographer friend of mine. I hoped we could do a shoot together. In the end, we managed to arrange both time and…