Mr Carlos

Mr Carlos

Carlos is an inspiration. That had to be said. I am fortunate to be able to come across many people through my work and I have now crossed paths with Carlos. Carlos sent me an email. He needed a photographer. A few exchanges later we have agreed on what we wanted to do and he showed up at the studio. As the session progressed and our conversation continued, a remarkable story came out.

Carlos had made up his mind, set goals and started educating himself on fitness and nutrition. 115kg to less than 75kg. 4 years of dedication. An investment that now he could reap the benefits from. Feeling healthy and looking good. He wanted to document his change, and that we did. Here are a few samples from the session we did. Enjoy!

02_SM26697 03_SM26754 04_SM26733 05_SM26850 06_SM27036_HDR

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