Ian leading the way through the market.

Ian is a photographer and I have had the pleasure of getting to know him as a friend. His work around Vietnam is stunning and worthwhile browsing as you can see here, and his blog here.

Previously, we had a gear talk and he suggested that I should come along for a quick walkabout and test the Nikon 24-70 lens to see how incredible it was. So I did. We met up and had a great time, so much that we have done another walkabout and probably many more to come in the future. I also bought the lens, traded in my old 17-55 dx for the new 24-70 fx and have been happy ever after as they say. The lens is incredible. (No, I am not endorsed by Nikon, however, I wouldn’t  mind if they ever approached.) Here are some samples from our trip. I will split it over several blog posts as there are quite a few images that I want to showcase.

Ian is a brilliant tour guide. We started off with a cup of coffee before heading for the streets, having a stop over at a pagoda, then the local street market, followed by a visit to a residential block that will soon be demolished, before entering the tiny alleyways where even two motorbikes cannot pass each other and finally walking back to where we started for another refreshing coffee. A great way to start the day. Enjoy the images!

Portable street stall.

Faded gym signage.


Portable food stall.

Detail of food stall.

Some stalls come equipped with their own worship gods.

Paying respect at the pagoda.

The street market.

The street market.

The street market.

The street market.

The street market.

Adverts for new apartments at the soon to be demolished apartment block.

Residents cleaning out.

Shaving station.

Breakfast consumed and dishes waiting to be picked up by the local delivery service.

Clothes wash line.


Cock fights are still popular.

Cock fights are still popular.

Even in afterlife, Euro's are needed.

The narrow alleyways.

The narrow alleyways.

Big thank you Mr Ian, it was truly a great day, yay!


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