It is almost that time of year again. Only a few months away. Christmas. Snow. Norway. It is such a contrast celebrating Christmas in Norway versus Vietnam. As my son is growing older, I prefer to let him celebrate in Norway to both experience the culture and the climate. Seeing snow for the first time and having to wear a lot of clothes was strange the first year only. Now, it is with great anticipation he gets to travel, with three planes as he will proudly tell you, in order to visit his grandparents and play in the snow.

My hometown is surrounded by seven small mountains. The house of my parents reside on one of them. 300 meter above the sea. Five minutes away from the mountain hiking trail. Twenty minutes by car to downtown. Bliss as you can see for yourself below:

The view from my parents balcony.

Bergen city, Norway.

Clearing ice from the car window.

Ice graffiti.

Ice graffiti.

Tree and sky.

Tree and sky.

Salt silo.

The pier.

Inside the cable car to Ulriken mountain.

Inside view from the cable car.

View from Ulriken.

TV signal tower at Ulriken. Paraglider setting off in the distance.

Mountain cabin.




Sun setting for the day.

Heading home at dusk.

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