It’s almost the end of 2014 and our conversation comes to a holt. Only one boom. It was loud, but nothing more. A bit unusual, but no more booms. We break the silence and continue our conversation, only to stop once more. Power cut. We rarely have power cuts. “Come and see this! It’s a fire!” We all gather on the balcony and we can see the flames coming up from the local karaoke area. It’s a huge fire and the power is cut in all of District 3. Quickly heading back inside and fumbling in the darkness to find the camera and load the memory card. Iso 6400 and handheld exposure. It will do.

The images are uploaded to and we make the front page with out first uploaded story, you can see it here.


Unfortunately, a life was lost that evening and thieves were apprehended when they tried to take advantage of the tragedy. Tuoi Tre News reported on the event here and a video can be see here.

And this is how it looks a few days after.




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