The cyclo driver.

I spent two days watching people and capturing the some of Saigon flavours as I left my normal gear behind and went back to basic. One camera and one lens. First out of a small series of blog posts: The street vendors. Above, about to be extinct from the roads, unless in an organised group for tourists sightseeing the town, the cyclo driver.

The sunglass seller.

The sunglass seller. Will also carry lighters and other accessories.

The lottery ticket seller.

The lottery ticket seller. Daily draws and multiple providers. It is a big cash cow for the issuing authority as the chances of actually winning are slim, however, there are stories of people striking it rich.

VietNamNet Bridge – A poverty-stricken 97-year-old man won a lottery jackpot of more than US$400,000 during Tet, sparking an outbreak of chaos in his neighborhood as local residents mobbed his home asking a piece of the windfall.

The toy seller.

The magazine and newspaper seller.

The portable food stall seller.

The various nuts seller.

The mobile fruit seller.

The pushcart food seller.

The refreshment seller.

The coffee and tea stall. Liquids on an electricity box with warning display attached.

The parking attendant.

The parking attendant. 5,000 VND to park your car if you are lucky to find a spot. Until now, there is no dedicated parking centre in Ho Chi Minh City and more cars are registered and entering the road every day.

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