Warning sign "Danger of electrocution"

Having the next “killer app” is something most technology companies dream of, but not so much for Agribank as they found themselves in the news for the wrong reasons.

One of their ATM’s electrocuted 10 year old Chau Linh Uyen on Thursday 1st April. The ATM was located closely to the Nguyen Thai Binh Elementary school in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1.

The State Bank has ordered a nation wide check of all ATM’s to ensure public safety and according to Vietnam News (April 7th 2010), 121 out of 1,329 ATM’s in Ho Chi Minh City are currently unsafe. 30 of them are located in children’s amusement areas and they have electric current flowing into their keyboards.

The saying: “All PR is good PR” sounds extremely hollow considering the loss of an innocent life, a bereaved family and devastated friends.

For Agribank, they probably wish that they have read the “Being Penny Wise, Pound Foolish” article.

Quote:”Sometimes, in the quest to be frugal, we make decisions that can be short-sighted. These decisions, which may be beneficial in the short run, end up costing us big dollars in the long run because of unintended consequences or unforeseen circumstances.”

This week there will be a race amongst all banks to verify that their ATM’s are safe to use as they do not want to become the next “killer app” provider.

Unfortunately, it all comes one life too late.

Warning sign "Danger of electrocution"

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