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The portrait of Ostrich

I met Ostrich at Big Mountain, Vung Tau. On a Sunday family outing. It’s roughly seven months since I last took a trip and blogged about it. The roadworks between Saigon and Vung Tau are still in progress, however, traveling…


The Saigon Zoo shoot out

Maissa contacted me some time ago. She hoped we could do a photo shoot together. I contacted a photographer friend of mine. I hoped we could do a shoot together. In the end, we managed to arrange both time and…


Styling with JnG Couture

Parallel with the fashion shoot for JnG Couture, we did another shoot that JnG Couture styled, enjoy: Related Posts:Dona – The ArtistThe family visitThe art of walking in high heels and the images to prove itMeeting Mr Carlos – The…


Lacoll in the air

Dance. A dancer. Fashion. The new Lacoll collection. All elements to be combined in the studio. This is one of those assignments that you are glad you paid extra to have a faster flash duration on your studio flashes, as…


Monkey madness

On location deep inside the Mekong, we set up and photographed a storage room in a small village. It was the main distribution centre in the area. In between shots as my assistants moved lights, I saw something next door….


Walkabout with Ian – Part II

The amount of images we managed to capture within a few hours walk manifested themselves by the amount of hours spent editing the selection. Culling images and trying out various moods and tones and continue culling versions that did not…