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The bokeh experiment

Experimentation is vital. It is good. Sometimes it works the way we want. Sometimes not. Nevertheless, we did it. To do is success in itself. The image seen above was taken from Thu Thiem bridge overlooking District 1 of Ho…


Finding inspiration and the desire to create.

Twitter and its “Tweets” can be addictive once you start following other interesting contributors. Inspirational quotes are just that, inspirational, and they are one of the bits I fished out of my Twitter stream. I started enjoying reading positive statements…


10th October 2010 at 10 am.

10th of October 2010 fell on a Sunday. Sunday’s are normally “lazy Sundays” where I am hitting the playgrounds with Tian or, as lately, we go and see the water puppet show and then stroll around Saigon Zoo. Finished serving…


Project Charity

The charity project is something that has been on and off. First time we started it, was around 2003. We found 5 different, privately run orphanages and visited them. We interviewed and photographed, went back home and wrote articles about…