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aSaigon/CreativeMorning March speaker Dinh Q.Le at Stella, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The early birds of Saigon.

Brilliant. Inspired. Moving. It was simply a great presentation and the early birds of Saigon enjoyed it. “I’m lovin’ it” to quote McDonalds, however, it was a far better deal. Unwrap a burger and you get disappointed as it never lives up to the tasty, juicy advertising image that sells you the deal in the first place.

Viewing one of Dinh's multimedia works.

Dinh unwrapped his thinking and reason behind his works. His research methods? Obsession he answered.

His work on Agent Orange was nothing but brilliant. His latest projects include exploring the visual language around us. If people with a voice can find a way around to get noticed, artists can too. He proved that with his Agent Orange shop.

Inspiration also arrived in a parcel. Tiki.vn sponsored the lucky draw.

The lucky draw gift from Tiki.vn.

Overall, a great start of the day, all thanks to the humble and yet so talented Dinh Q.Le

Portrait of Dinh Q.Le.

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A very creative morning with Adrian Jones

Coffee served by Malongo.

A big thank you to Malongo for serving great coffee and The Tin Foil Grill for the excellent food. Enjoy the images below from the event.

The guests arrived and found time for some mingling with one of the organizers, Sandrine.

David, another organizer together with Adrian Jones.

David kicking off the event.

Lights off, slideshow rolling. Art time.

Audience in action.

Adrian in response to comments.

Meeting area fully packed.

End of the slideshow.

A big "Thank you!" to Adrian Jones for a brilliant presentation.

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Saigon Creative Morning, a monthly serving of fresh ideas, inspiration, coffee & uncertain bakery items

Morning coffee for Creative souls.

Friday morning came, so did our attendees and our speaker, Dustin Nguyen. Coffee and pastry in hand, people started the small talk. Mingling around, then moved on to secure a good seat before kick off. After a short introduction, Dustin Nguyen pulled out a chair and started telling. An unplugged speech. An honest approach. Just as himself. Never over promise, never put yourself in a situation that you have promised something that you cannot deliver.

Hearing him tell about when he went into a meeting, sealed the deal, only to find out that most of what he wanted to do is not allowed in Vietnam. Going back and sorting it all out was humbling he said, but in my opinion shows guts and courage. Face the music upfront and you have less of a chance having your own party gatecrashed by unhappy investors or sponsors.

The whole event was filmed and will be released soon, please subscribe at Saigon Creative Morning’s website for further updates.

Below are some images from the event so you can get a feel of the venue and the setup. Enjoy!

Rockstar! David (Bowie) has just put on the music and his smile.

David giving a short introduction. Note the tie to pull down the garagedoor to divide the meeting room area.

The show is on!

Our first speaker, Dustin Nguyen.

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