New Year’s Eve in Bergen with Xmas lights, bokeh and fireworks

Study of bokeh I.

End of 2011 brought no snow and no white Xmas to Bergen, Norway. Instead we faced strong wind, one of the worst storms ravaging the coastline and rain as the year drew to an end. Not really an incentive to leave the cozy home for shots that would end up as mediocre. So a study of bokeh in fireworks became the solution. Enjoy the countdown!

Study of bokeh II.

Study of bokeh III.

Study of bokeh IV.

Study of bokeh V.

Study of bokeh VI.

Study of bokeh VII.

Study of bokeh VIII.

Study of bokeh IX.


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Akvariet i Bergen & Pepperkakebyen

Two unique attractions. One seasonal and one permanent. We did them both.

Pepperkakebyen. Viking ship.

Pepperkakebyen, or the Gingerbread Town, is a unique Christmas tradition and is growing in size year by year. I still remember the time it was held indoors at Galleriet, a shopping mall in the city centre. In 2009, somebody on his way home, utterly drunk, got the idea of conducting a rampage and destroyed the works of all the children and became the most hated person in town. After confessing his crime, he was forgiven and his name was not released in public as the police feared for his safety.

Pepperkakebyen. The harbour.



Pepperkakebyen. An overview.


The Aquarium in Bergen, considered one of the largest in Northern Europe, a great place to bring kids. Watching my son growing more and more confident feeding small fish by his own hand was incredible. Open all year around.


At the Aquarium. Watching the large tanks.

At the Aquarium.

At the Aquarium.

At the Aquarium. Decomposing.

At the Aquarium. Pirate ship and skulls.

At the Aquarium.

At the Aquarium.

At the Aquarium.

At the Aquarium. The newly opened shark tunnel.

At the Aquarium. At the shark tunnel.

At the Aquarium.

At the Aquarium. The penguins.

At the Aquarium. The penguins.

At the Aquarium. The penguins.

At the Aquarium. Close up.

At the Aquarium. Getting out of the water.

At the Aquarium. Reminder of Vietnam.

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Yule tidings from the streets of Saigon

Merry Christmas from Saigon!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The Christmas spirit is here, even in the tropics. Soon I will be back in Norway, celebrating a white Christmas with friends and family and I thought it would be fitting to show how Christmas is celebrated without the access to snow.

The reindeer has arrived.

Cute snow couple.

Sparkling stars.

Snow cocktails.

Minimalistic decor.

Red ribbon.

Happy New Year!

Getting ready for 2011!

There is still a long way to go from London’s Christmas displays, however, the local malls and businesses are still trying. Some better than others. The images above all succeed in bringing Christmas atmosphere to their premises, however, some fail in execution.

Maintaining quality at all stages is needed. #Fail.

This one fails in terms of finishing. No matter what you put up for public display, do it properly and make sure it lasts for the intended duration. Having a “Hap New Year” is not a good way to send a greeting. Quality control needed, even with Christmas decorations.

Not my taste at all. Oversell. #Fail.

However, this one is even worse in my eyes. It is simply oversell. Hitachi, you do not inspire me to purchase any of your products because you don’t sell me the Christmas spirit. You sell me your vacuum cleaner that you spent a small fortune having photographed with models, but you have spent next to nothing on the actual Christmas display.

You make your brand look like a cheap skate and you become a visual spammer. I want to see Christmas. I want to see beautiful displays. I want to see people actually putting a bit of love and care into their displays without giving me a hard sell of their products. You failed in my eyes. Big time.

In addition, putting two giant silver balls between Santa’s legs is not such a great idea if you ask me.

Santa with silver balls.

This guy is showing off a Christmas ball while posing for his friends.

Christmas tradition. Have your photograph taken in front of various Christmas decorations.

If ball size matters, then they better head over to Caravelle Hotel. They got the biggest balls in town.

Christmas decoration outside Caravelle Hotel.

Enjoy the holidays!

Christmas stars in the sky!

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