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A visit to the park

Sunday morning. The mere words install expectations. A day off. All your worries evaporating as water droplets soaked up by the rising sun. Sundays are to be enjoyed. To recoup. To get out, and out we did go, to the park that is.

The park is already packed before even setting a foot inside. The motorbike attendant closed the entrance two bikes behind us. “It’s full. You have to park elsewhere.” Bikes are being turned around, except for one. He’s not having it. Walking longer to the park is not acceptable. His pleas bear fruit once the others have left, he gets the last spot.

Impromptu chairs and tables emerge on the foot path as people want their morning coffees. Business is brisk. The violinists are practicing down to the left by the pond. The pond has all the photographers circling along, with all their gear out, using their longest tele lens to isolate the lotus flowers. Elsewhere, you see all the boyscout uniforms and the waiting parents. Across the road you find the fitness buffs, doing pull ups bare chested. Male only, so traffic passes by smoothly. Nothing to see.

It’s time to take out the camera. Only one lens, a macro, and I delve into yet another world.


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Family, Photography

The family visit


Photography is rewarding. You get to meet great people, sometimes even travel to exotic locations or take part of an important stage of someone else’s life.It was such as day for Kate and Collin as they wanted images of their first born daughter, Marie.

It also comes with great responsibility. You are in charge of creating visual mementos for the future. Preserving a slice of time for others to enjoy.


Photographing Marie at their home made the session easier. She could feel more comfortable in her own environment and we could make use of all her toys as decoration objects. Later on, we moved to the studio after a refreshing nap for more traditional family portraits as seen below.


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Why the best camera you ever have is the camera you have available right now

Ivar at home.

March 2nd, 2012 I received a sms telling me that a relative of mine, Ivar, just passed away. Ivar & Brita. Two names together, now only one left behind, Brita. Last Xmas, December 2011, we could not see them when Tian and I went back to Norway. They were too exhausted to receive visitors so we could not meet them, not even briefly. The Xmas before that, December 2010, we were fortunate enough to see them.

That year, 2010, I only brought one camera body and a wide angle zoom lens with a slow f stop, f.4. Last year, 2011, I brought a new, fast zoom lens, f.2.8 and a flashgun, sb-800, so I would be better prepared. It did not help. My last images are taken by the camera with the slow lens. It was the best I had at that time and even though I got a better one now, it cannot me help to create memories when the time has passed, when the moment has slipped away.

The best camera will always be the one that you have available there and then.

I am glad that a slow lens did not stop me from capturing these moments, my last memories of Ivar, the gentleman in every word, may you rest in peace.

Ivar and Brita insisting on serving family guests.

Ivar playing with the children.

Brita and Ivar.

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