Mads Monsen


Seeing is believing.

We tend to believe what we see and once we also believed in the truth of an image. Jerry Lodriguss dwells into to this more in his “The Ethics of Digitial Manipulation” and Dartmouth University has their “Photo Tampering Throughout…


The make over

Sometimes a make over can be a good thing. The old website had served its purpose well, but it did not reflect our latest work. The first site was built out of need and within a very short time frame….


Technorati verification

When you create your first website, you want people to find it and the same goes with blogs. So as part of submitting, Technorati wants to make sure I am who I am by inserting a bit of code 8CMQKY9SJSVW in…


Project Charity

The charity project is something that has been on and off. First time we started it, was around 2003. We found 5 different, privately run orphanages and visited them. We interviewed and photographed, went back home and wrote articles about…


The streets of Saigon

Walkabouts. I miss living in London as Saigon does not appreciate pedestrians in the same manner. I walked a lot more before. These days, a regular gym routine is needed to stay in shape. However, there are few moments of…


Never say never…

Two kinds of assignments that I constantly turn down, events and weddings. Why, you may ask, especially as in Vietnam wedding photography is a big business. The Sky’s the limit. If you can afford it, you flaunt it. I digress….